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(verse 1)

When you see that falling star
Falling from the sky
Coming down from heaven
Passing you by
You standing outside at night
Looking at that beautiful sight
Wandering what to wish for
You already have a perfect life
Then something hits
You like a flying dart
You wanna wish for the person
Who holds the key to your heart
(chorus x2)

You wanna make that one wish
That wish thatll change your life
So you wish for that one girl
Youll love for the rest of your life
With that silky blonde hair
And those bright blue eyes
What im hoping for
Is that she will be mine

(verse 2)

Next thing you get a phone call
From an absolute stranger
You ask who is speaking
She says, hi, its taylor
You cant believe what you hearing
You cant believe your wish came true
Instead of anyone else
This actually happened to you

(chorus x2)

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