Paroles de Falling

Finley Quaye

pochette album Falling
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Date de parution : 28/10/1997

Durée : 0:03:16

Style : Pop

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Forgiving and forgetting is best
Tried to forgive but i could not forget
And i found myself
Falling, for you again

Feel like i've been down this lonely track before
It's like a little deja vu but a little bit more
Falling, for you again

Where was i when you say bye bye
Hold up my heart who say man don't cry?
Because i became close today, sister you got me
Falling, for you again, tried to hold back but i could only hold on
To a feeling, mmm all over your feet
These wandering emotions got me
Falling, got you again

Solitude, solitude setting
Solitude, solitude setting

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