Paroles de Falling

Susanna Hoffs

pochette album Falling
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Date de parution : 19/03/2013

Durée : 0:04:11

Style : Pop

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Piece by piece, i come undone, lose my equilibrium
I crash but i don't care
Nothing to hold on to, i won't look back
I'll look for you and i'm almost there

I am falling for you

I come undone, piece by piece
I'm overcome, overcome
Come undone, come undone
On the floor against the wall

To the sounds of stars, i fall so hard
But i don't care
All around and down we go
Swimming in the undertow, with you there is no fear

I am falling for you

Piece by piece, you come undone
Lose your equilibrium
We crash, but we don't care

I am falling for you

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