Paroles de False hearted lover blues

Levon Helm

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Date de parution : 30/10/2007

Durée : 0:03:29

Style : Rock

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False hearts have been my downfall, pretty women have been my craze
Im sure my false hearted lover will drive me to my lonesome grave

Theyll bite the hand that feeds them, spend the money that you saved
From your heartstrings and silk garters theyll build a doghouse on your grave

When my earthly stay is over, sink my dead body in the sea
You can tell my false hearted lover that the whales will watch over me


Baggy clothes are dropping from my body and wolves howl around my door
May the man who won my darling girl will feel the bite of my forty-four

Corn whiskey has wrecked my body and false hearted love is on my mind
I've roamed the whole world over, pleasures here on earth i cannot find

If i meet my darling girl again, ill tell her about my troubles
Id give her these false hearted lovers blues and leave her stranded in the shallows


I hope you take this warning, it is both for young and old
Dont try to buy a womans love with the last dollar that you own

Take warning you young ladies, with your love and honor you have shown
For man will have no use for you when your dark hat turns to gold

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