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Date de parution : 01/01/2007

Durée : 0:03:14

Style : Alternative

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He's black, he's white, he's yellow, he's blue
He is a christian, he's a buddhist, he's islamic, he's a jew
But in today's day and age you think we would have learned
That it's the person you should judge and that respect must be earned.
We have fought over nonsense through the sands of time
War after fucking war, and yet our eyes remain blind.
Too often i hear people say to stick with your own
But i don't know what that means in this land we call home.

Instead of blaming everyone else
Its time to take dignity off the shelf
Because we all need to live with each other
And for centuries all we've done is kill one another - with our false pride.

You talk about pride in your race
As if being born into something is an achievement?
How about doing something with your life
And then yap your fucking mouth about the pride that you have?
Who gives a flying fuck about your ancestors
When all you do is bitch about everyone else?
The bloodstains on the ground from years of ignorance
All looks red to me.

Spoken: (can't you see
These are the end of days?
You can't open the paper
Without reading about another religious war.
You'd think we'd heed our wake up call
But we haven't.
So now here comes the armageddon!)

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