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George Jones

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Date de parution : 22/06/2004

Durée : 0:03:03

Style : Country

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(c) there's a fam'ly (f) bible on the (c) table
Each (am) page is torn and (d) hard to (g7) read
But (c) the fam'ly (f) bible on the (c) table
Will (f) ever be my (c) key to (g) memo-(c) ries.

(c) at the close of (f) day when work was (c) over
And (am) when the evening (d) meal was (g7) done
Dad would (c) read to us (f) from the fam'ly (c) bible
And we'd (f) count our many (c) blessings (g7) one by (c) one.

I can (f) see us (bb) sittin' 'round the (f) table
When from the fam'ly bible dad would (c) read
(1) i can hear my (f) mother softly (c) singing
(2) i can hear my (f) mama softly (c) singing
Rock of ages, (f) rock of (c) ages (g7) cleft for (c) me.

This old world of ours is full of troubles
But this world would oh, so better be
If we'd find more bibles on the table
And mothers singing rock of ages cleft for me.


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