Paroles de Family life

Adam Harvey

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Date de parution : 18/06/2014

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Country

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Two sugars in my coffee cup
Make it strong make it wake me up
Put my boots on in the dark
While i'm hoping that my car will start

Working ten hours a day
Another stack of bills to pay
The job don't bother me no more
There's three reasons
That i'm working for

Family life
Mortgage, two kids
And a beautiful wife
We ain't got much
But we're good at getting by
And you're looking
At a man who's proud
Yeah you're looking at a man
Who's found where he wants to be
Where he's meant to be
Family life is alright with me

Cooking bacon on a sunday morn
Grab a beer and then i mow the lawn
Kids jumping on the trampoline
My woman in her old blue jeans

Sun setting in the afternoon
It's all going by way too soon
But if anybody's asking me
There's no where that i'd rather be