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The Zutons

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A family of leeches
Live on my road
And if you were to ever make eye contact
They'd tear you up just for a joke

You can tell by their features
Their spines are so thin
That's why they're always moving from place to place
Escaping troubles that they know they can't win

But the wife of the family
She's so good
She's been a worker all her life
And she knows if she leaves the husband there
When he wakes up he'll be crying

Cause she needs a man with real respect
A man without a rep to protect
And she's always good
Always good
Always good
Always good

The kids have no teachers
They robbed the radio
I went to see the father face to face
And he was acting like he just didn't know
I got my own experience
Minding my own business
I didn't pay respect now
So they think i'm dangerous

But the wife of the family
She looked on
From the corner of her eye
And she knows that the husband's unaware
And soon i will be trying

Cause she needs a man

We wait for the sunset
To cover our sins
Soon i'll be gone
And she'll go back again
I told her i'd move so she can save her speeches
Cause i don't wanna live
Next to a family of leeches

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