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Three Dog Night

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Yeah, yeah

This tired city is somebody's dream
Billboard horizon as black as they seem
Four level highways across the land
We're building a home for the family of man

Prices are rising the devil's to pay
Moving the mountains that got in the way
Prayer books and meetings define the plan
Deciding the fate of the family of man

It's so hard, whatever are we coming to?
Yes, it's so hard with so little time
And so much to do

Memories replacing the loves that were lost
Burning our bridges as soon as they're crossed
Factories built where the rivers ran
Time's running out for the family of man

So hard, oh yeah

So hard, so hard
Ahhh so hard, family of man, so hard
So hard, family of man

So hard, family of man
So hard, family of man
So hard, family of man

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