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Yeaah...oooh...yeah, yeah
From the left to the right is my family
There's my mom and bro and let's not forget daddy (daddy)
I'm missing out on something where am i? you ask
But this was no mistake
I just couldn't make it!
That's it i told you, i just cannot tell a lie famiiily
On my rusty rv
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah

Chorus: i'm not in my family portrait
Don't worry i wasn't even supposed to be
A part of this family
I'm not in my family portrait
Oh no no no no no no no

I have my own pictures
Pictures of the little solitary me

Don't try to lecture me
I've already seen and heard it
(my family's portrait)
I have my own portrait
I don't need them
Nooo no noooooo (chorus)

No more from me
I still can't see
Why am i not in my own family portrait, next to my brother
Next to my...
Next to me...
Next to my...

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