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Shelby Lynne

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Date de parution : 26/09/2010

Durée : 0:03:44

Style : Country

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I'm not happy with this conversation*
Too little righteous indignation
I'm not sure if i'm mad or mean
The tears i cry could mean anything

Just cause you're kin i let it slide
Insults and judgments i've been blind
And it hard for you to deal out digs
With a calloused heart your words are quick

I'm sick and tired of throwing stones
Cause all that leaves is broken bones
And i won't shed no blood for you
Aww the cuts too deep the bruise too blue

I've wasted time and been hand fed
You can't take back the things you said
Too much time has gone and passed
Shattered lives and broken glass.

The pain is felt behind my eyes
But you won't see me through my disguise
Can't change fate cause this is done
Aww too late to start the race is run.

Now's the time to face the facts
This train done slid right off the tracks
Regret is sad revenge is sweet
I'm walking on my own two feet.

You could have come along but you broke my heart
Now's the time for me to start
Living my life without you
Being a rock in my shoe.

Can't write the book cause this one's wrote
Time's a friend and love's a foe
The future's mine indeed it's grand
You ain't a part of my plan.

When you lay down and think of me
There won't be much serenity
Just know that the aching in your brain
Is the sound of your soul's grief and pain.

This apple's done fall off the family tree
This apple's done fall off the family tree.

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