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Darkness descends from the firmament
Shredding winds sever the lifelines
Unbound in torment - these victims of sentience
They mourn the scattered fragments of their designs.

These are the remnants of a fragile civilization
Terror takes the reins in the fate of the storm's manifestation.

Oh, see them wither in the wake of a carrion rain
Worms erupt from the soul to lay claim to the grains.

Corrosive waters fall to drown the vermin
Mortals perish alone in rusted enclosures
Sinking - the undertow begins
Such fallible creatures cannot hope to endure.

The stentorian call of thunder
Awakens me to the true nightmare
Cyclones harrow through the headstones'
Sundered cityscapes in despair

Long ago, they prayed to her
To guard crops from malignant swarms
Now, wreathed in a cloud of locusts
I watch the defilers waste away in the famine storm.
The famine storm...

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