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Reign Quinn

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I. i've been sitting here
And i am daydreamin
Of you( of you)
I put on my headset
And listen to your songs (your songs)
That makes my heart beat so fast
Like there's a fun run
Inside my chest (my chest)
Oh how i wish you would notice me, that's why i wrote this song for you.

Chorus: i will never ever ever stop listenin' to your songs
'cos they drive me crazy, yeah they drive me crazy.
You're like a twitter hashtag, cos you are trending in my mind (my mind)

Ii. i am confident that
You would hear my song for you (for you)
I don't care if people say that you will never notice me(never notice me)
Cos i believe you're not snob, and i'll reach my dream to sing a song with you (with you)
I'm not feeler, i am just thinking positive you know, i do. (repeat chorus)