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Date de parution : 05/04/2011

Durée : 0:06:26

Style : Rock

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Oh fantastic dreamer
Show me what is really inside this third eye
The light that glimmers
Glows like a far distant star in the night
Dualistic beamer
Knows no one ever escapes here alive

Try to ascend among the mice and men
Conflicted nations donkeys and elephants
Oh fantastic dreamer
Show me what it takes to awake and survive

Invoke all your strength and come back to me
The futures uncertain it will always be
No! do not deceive
Cause the karma you make is your enemy
Pure love has a cleansing effect on the self but your say you have so much to do

Like rise and shine in the nick of timecheck your face and your state of mind
Scurry about then out the door take your place in the big what for
Tell yourself behind the wheel on your way to cement the deal
You love the money. and what it do ooh for you

Buy a big house and a fancy car all the underpinnings a celebrity star
Take a little lady any day if you could
Paid a pretty penny boy she better be good
You love the honey and what she do ooh to you

Take a break slow the breath. sit now still boy you need a rest
Ask yourself if youre in denial who the master who the child
Everybody plays with the evil ways and depending on the karma of the good old days
Theres a struggle with the subtle but if you dont mind
You can inch away above its a matter of time
You dream what in me not what i do
Ah but its for you hey hey
When light is beaming this scenery whos beaming me?

Mother will you love me always and again
Was no surprise she rolled her eyes
And probably new what i would do when i was through

Father can you help me now and at the end
He took one look and closed the book!

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