Paroles de Fantasy #127 in f# major

David Arn

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I wanted to transport my life to you in amherst
Even if my car was too small, my feelings could not be reversed
When you hunger for touch you can be misled
I could be wrong here's what i think you said
If you come with me, your soul is revealed
You take a chance in the mine field
And must learn to fly over bare wires that lay concealed

We only had a weekend, impossible to extend.
Then sue warned me of men you dismissed
Who were doomed to hike mountains to view what they missed
Still i swore i could restore your perfection again
By crossing my fingers and dropping names of my friends.

The churchyard was ancient, we were drinking wine, trees were turning red
Baby,oh baby, it's cold, let's get warm instead.
There was only one thing to fear in that place
Our eyes might do less talking in coming days
The cold was too real, i didn't know what to feel
So my heart kept its eyes peeled
For safer places to lay down its sword and shield

We only had a weekend, sundown was brilliant at the end
You proudly proclaimed a toast to heartbreak and fame,
The words were sublime but brave just the same
Then you said you felt fine, like when you were eleven or ten
And someone should take pictures before the light changed again

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