Paroles de Fantasy

Leon Russell

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You and me and fantasy
Acting in a play that we design
Is it too good to be true
That i would be the one to love you

You and me and fantasy
Spending nights of love a life away
And we hum like bees in the morning
In our own way

*and we're livin' in a movie
Shinin' like a light
Poppin' like popcorn
Feelin' just right
Dancin' like indians
Singin' like a bird
Sounds like a fantasy

Sea of silent fantasy
Love like ocean waves float over me
As we walk along the shore
Darlin' i fantasize i love you even more

Life stretches out before me
In a sorcerer's prohesis
'cause the hero looks a lot like you
And his lover looks a lot like me


Fantasy, for you and me
(repeat and fade)

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