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Rhoda Morgan

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How would it feel if you touched my lips,
And ran your hands down on to my hips and if you held my body like this (if you held my body like this)
It's a shame don't even know your name, in your eyes a look that's far away. if you got troubles let me kiss them all away ( if you got troubles kiss them all away)

You're the only one i dream of (lost in my fantasy)
Keep praying for the day when (you will notice me)
Is it wrong of me to dream? have you making love to me, until the day you set me free, i'm lost in my fantasy.

I'm content to watch you from afar, in my mind you're here with me in the dark. can almost feel the beat of your heart (i can feel the beat of your heart)
In the candlelight, hold me close. whisper in my ear 'te quiero', all night long never let me go (all night long never let me go)


I'm so hypnotised by your spanish eyes, just watching you i feel weak inside. so much beauty i can't describe, baby you have me mesmorized.

Chorus to fade

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