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Midnight Reign

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Date de parution : 02/07/2007

Durée : 0:08:48

Style : Heavy Metal

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Build abridge burn it down its too late you won't be found your dying inside
Trying to cover your pain...
So leave dreams far behind give yourself to what surrounds you and live your
Life on the promise of another day...
People always tell me i'm confusing a little self absorbed and self abusing but they
Never see the real me...
All i need is some understanding `cause the blood on my hands is so demanding and you
Are who you are and not what you think you should be...

So don't even think about it,don't even dream about
You'll only see what they they you see
And when you let them find you and your will is not behind you
Far away is all you'll wanna be...

So now you see you were wrong it wasn't you all along you took
My spirit and cast it aside
You leave a hole in my heart,i'll stitch it up with the spare parts and hope
The edges will not fray...
So tell me how do you like loosing your life on a dare you didn't even choose
You stare at the sky and scream "why must this be?"?
You've given your heart and all is lost now there's just enough left to cover the cost
You've sold your soul and now you will only see...from far away


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