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The doors are open when you are coming
My heart is under the big strain
I hear your steps on stairs
I'm sitting on the bed and i'm waiting
My mind is full of thoughts
But none of them is real
To take a gun and shoot you
Is vision in my dreams

Every day fucked up by work
To work hard without any break
I'm starting to think how much more
How much more i can handle
Broken fingers on my hands
Are the result of your bullying
I defend you and i lied
And you just totally ruined me

Far away, far away, somewhere on other side
Far away, far away, from suffering and pain
Far away, far away, where i will find a rest
Far away, far away, where you won't find me

He always hurts me at home
He hates when i'm better than he is
He considers me to be a worker
But i'm just an ordinary boy
Kids are playing outside
Meanwhile i'm waiting for the next command
I tend to pack my bags and leave somewhere far away
Far away, where he will never find me

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