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The Elderberries

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Date de parution : 16/03/2009

Durée : 0:03:59

Style : Rock

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Far away

Floating in space, reaching at the stars.
Looking for freedom, and diving in cars.
Being so lonely, alone out of choice.
This second life universe, destroying our voice.

Take me far away.

Peace through solitude, and solitude through screens.
No one can see you, and nobody can scream.
Capital letters display your distate.
The world through a monitor, the world through haste.

take me far away.

The girl who speaks to you, does not know your name.
And though she intrigues you, her feelings aren't the same.
Distance between you, and the consequence thereof.
Divide and despise you and throws you in the game.

all alone in this room, i feel the walls close in on me.
And no comfort i can get, will satisfy.
And all the people, i've pushed away, won't come back.
The fault is mine, i can't deny what i've become.
leave me, oh leave me, but don't cry, don't cry for me.
you know i'm feeling, feeling upside down.

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