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Bonn Smith

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Date de parution : 24/08/2011

Durée : 0:03:54

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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So here we are my dear, so far from home
I'd wish i'd known it was you i'd be on this desolate island with
What i'd have done, to make sure in your mind
I'd be the man that could make your life worth living in

I can't believe it's him she thinks, as she stands from the wreckage, heart nearly sinks
He's got the eyes, the size, strong and true - i wish i'd known it was gonna be you
I would've worn something, or nothing, i guess we'll see how the night goes thru

And we try to find the feeling we see
The struggle time has on our company
It's a matter of life or death you see
How can one here here raise a family

Ever played the game where you pick one girl, and say her name?
Well it was yours that came off my lips, as i gazed at your hips
Into your eyes disguised by a feeling that said it was you i'd be with, it was you i'd be with

It's like a dream vacation, with no preparation, crash landing landed
Fate had the two of us two in mind, now we're stranded, stranded
Fall in love, or fall part, no way around it as we ready for the dark
Fall in love, or fall part, you take my hand, and the butterflies start


Does the island have time for a tie on me?
Do i have time to tie up on the island?

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