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Rough Silk

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Someday i'll find a way
Tonight i found just shame someday - my life's delay
Might break this spell of fame

Today is like tomorrow
- tomorow's just like yesterday

The tales below
And the skies of time's decay
Someday may rule the show
And silent waves the bay

Today is like tomorrow
- tomorrow's just like you and

So i'm far from home
I'm miles away wherever i may roam
So i'm far from home
I'm miles away wherever i may roam
The waters flow
The wild winds blow
I walk the line an here i go
I'm far away from home

Someday - to run and hide
In the world outside to stay
Someday may tame the light
Only angels ride and stray

Today is like tomorrow.....

Just one more word in spanish
"adios" i have to say
I follow trails and vanish
Beyond the morning's grey
Someday i'll find "together"
Somewhere i'll find a trace
Someone to stand the weather
And never fall from grace
Someday like now or never
Somewhen like joy and pain
Somehow to last forever
Against the streams and lost in vain

And so i'm far from home.....

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