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By: brett m. baker

I'm running away from you (but in my mind)<<<<<<You're to damn fast (i cant get away)
I try to block you out (you find another way)
All the things you did (didn't phase me)
There's nothing you can do to (amaze me)

I look into your eyes (i see nothing)
Why did i stay (who fucking knows).
Now i know the troubles (weren't worth it)
I wish that i knew (a lot earlier)
You treated me like shit (almost all the time)
You made me feel like shit (on the inside)


I climbed out on a limb (you cut it down)
So you could watch me fall (i hope its far from you)
I moving on to better things, better people, better situations,
I'm moving to a better place (that better place is far from you).


When the fake tears start to fill your eyes (i will not care)
When you need a hug from someone (i will not be there)
When you need a shoulder to lean on (my shoulder; i won't share)
When you need someone to call (don't you even dare)

Chorus 2x w/ fading

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