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Lower Than Atlantis

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Dear dad, i think about you every now and then,
I hope to god that i don’t turn out like you as i grip this pen.
Every time you cross my mind, i cross my heart and hope to die,
That i wont ever let myself become a disappointment to my mum.

Father, you never bothered, about as close as north and south are to each other.
But my mother, i really love her, although sometimes i wish she would have chose another.

As i reminisce, i think of all the birthdays and christmas’ you missed
And no millionaire could afford what you cost me walking out the door.
I’ve cried a thousand times but now i realize that this is only biological,
You’re a name on my birth certificate and that’s all.

I’ll tie a rope around the neck of your fred perry and hang you from my family tree.

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