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Can you just make me believe
We'll go down swinging
Another problem for me
To drown in all my drinking
Hold out
Break down
And let me know when i am wrong
Your best is meant to make mine look like
I took far too long
The summer's spent well, this summer's on my own

And as its burning away
You're blocking out this chapter
& as the light fixtures fall
You find that running faster
Wont help
Just find
The door
And start to break it down
You know i'm there to burn my hands with you
Till we get you out
The summer seems much longer with you not around

Well it was morbid to think
I'd feel you in this graveyard
And with the fog rolling in that night
The stones looked so dark
Oh well
The words you wrote they moved me into hell
We lost so much, it's hard to see
This year's been far too long
This summer's spent well, this summers on my own

& as we drop out and fail
The theories that we once proved
I find the closeness at home
Is measured by "i love you's"
Lets take
Back the words
We never meant to say
Its hard to lose, i'll gain it back...
This year's been all my fault
Summer flowers, something feels so wrong

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