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Date de parution : 04/10/2005

Durée : 0:04:38

Style : CCM

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Farewell old friends
This has been the best it could've been
Farewell old friends
And we won't forget the times we've spent

As for me and my countrymen
We are headed out to sea
And there's no way that this is the end for them or for me
So farewell

For now, farewell
This has been a tale we hope you'd tell
Don't forget what we've become
And the training's worth the time it took now that it is done

When the waves they come crashing in
Well, i will stand and sing
There is nothing for us to fear
We're in the service of the good king, the good king

So farewell, farewell
Farewell old friends
Farewell, farewell
Farewell old friends

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