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James Revels Iii

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Today's the day, finalizing my packing,
To trade my place, eyes in front don't look back in,
A new city, new state, of consciousness,
No more home, burning bridges with confidence.

It's been too long, too decades monotonous,
My friends of close bond try their hardest to stop all this.
But to be honest, cant be stopped like mile's wide comets
Deaf to all the questions, ridicule and the comments.

I od on vitamin c. i'm immune to homesickness.
At present in the presence of the present like christmas,
The eternal now. never be judged by the past
Setting the sail, marking the map as wind hits the mast.

What ever you do, don't say goodbye.
What ever you do just, don't say goodbye.
Why? cause well.
Good byes are forever,
So this is farewell.


Childish things pass away. infanticide.
Was king leo of the dyt. regicide
Break old habits kill the old me. suicide.
New future, new life made by you and i