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I'm not perfect, i have my weak sides
If i have a bad day, you'll have a lot to endure
You don't need to tell me, how i should live
That i need to go to church en where i should care about

I sometimes drink too much, then i don't know what i say
I talk to every girls and you can't get rid of me
With my big mouth i always say too much
Then i need to run for my life, and i'm screwed again

Wowowowow! this is me!
When i was a student, i always wanted to go home
Horst is just a rural village, but there's my home (*1)
Still i think so much to do, i can't stay here too long
I need to leave everything behind, let those 'knammels' rot away (*2)

I have time nothing and no one, my band is my life
Everytime i need to take and i can never give
And sure i want to study, but i'm too busy
I'll get herpes even when i'm only thinking about a job!

Farmervillage, farmerlanguage, farmerdick!
That's where i live, what i speak and how i feel

They laugh about my haircut: "when's the barber finishing that?"
"get that ring out of your nose and get rid of that tattoo"
I laugh a little and think: "just drop deda!"
"your shit isn't gold either, look in the toilet"

You need to take me as i am
I won't change myself, that's not going to happen
What you see is what you get, and that's, that's me!
Walk my own way until the day i choke

(* this whole song is in a dialect from the south of the netherlands)
(*1 horst is the village marco roelofs lives)
(*2 as this is not my dialect, i have no idea what 'knammels' are)

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