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Sunny Side Of The Razor

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Fascination is your only version
So get me in there, i'll show you i care.
Sleep in my arms, i will do no harm,
I just know to make...
The whole world shake.

Cause every time you turn your back, i'll give you,
And when you finally realize, i'll leave you.
Listen to this, you are going to get dismissed,
Listen to this, i am going to have myself released.

Fascination, is the only version,
Come on transcend me, feel this strength around me
This lake is ours, the depth kills cowards
So don't fall back dear,
Cause you'll see what's black in here,
And every time you run away, i'll find you,
Lend you a branch that will turn to a tree
So you can breathe through
Cause every time you turn your back, i'll haunt you
Empty the blood that runs through my veins
A white balloon...
Stop it, i don't want to bother
I don't need a lover

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