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Wyclef Jean

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(intro: wyclef jean)
Yeah, this those jersey boys

(verse one: wyclef)
I heard a man say jesus walks
Me myself i heard jesus talk
Cause when i heard this beat i felt jesus force
I heard it through the wire that he made it out the coma
From a fast car, it was a fast car
Every day is like the wild wild west
Some of us are bad boys, some of us are outlawz
Unsolved mystery, the killer get away

L.a., vegas at the end of the day
In a fast car, drivin a fast car

(chorus: wyclef, paul simon)
You don't gotta be no billionaire
To get a ticket up to the moon
We all know somebody up there
You need a helpin hand, look up right here
To help you see clearly now
To help you see clearly now
I hope you see clearly now

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