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Unzip the body bag, lay me on the slab,
Identify my carcass with another toe tag,
Jot down the fatal wounds and estimated time of death,
Peel back my scalp and slice open my chest.
Homicide or suicide or gang related incident?
There is no solid evidence on events leading up to it.
Fight over my possessions and just put me in the hole
'cause i didn't even wanna fucking live anymore.

Transcendental thinking, seperation from the average
Classic color spectrum mixed up so tragic
Perspection in a new direction you see?
And percieve seperately from what they see
Goodness gracious, shit's bodacious
Don't know how i could explain
You're gonna have to take it
Swallow now, do not fake
I'm an incredible dude in an unusual mood
A mindstate that's diagnosed as psychotic too
Caps and stems, liquid acid all mixed with ecstacy
I'm a nymphomaniac, baby come have sex with me
Prodigy sexually, probably your best
Mysterious delirium has got you feeling wet
Candy flippin, jaw clenchin
Did i mention my intentions
For new sexual positions?
I'm a pro with all this action
Phd in satisfaction
Dr. love i'm above all these other fucking drugs
Know exactly what you want

I'm a man with class when i be hittin that ass
Living way too fast, soon be a piece of the past
27 club, here i come
With janis, hendrix, morrison
Kurt cobain, 20 gauge rage to the brain
It ain't a damn thing
Derranged, i'm so insane
I'm made to be this way
Stay blazed every damn day
Hands free, look at me mom
I'm on top,
Riding bikes
With no fucking handlebars

Spit and spatterin i'm gone
Probably all these drugs i'm on
Voices all around me laughing
Am i one of satan's spawn?
Locked all up inside my chest
Is this a heart attack?
Paranoia's such a blast
Flashbacks of past so fresh
What the fuck is all of this?
Such a mess, feel like shit
Wake up in a daze, confused
On where the fuck i am
Been asleep for days
No way, that was just lastnight
Yeah right, don't believe my mind
Fast life, kickin my ass right
Into my next life, outright
Ridiculous rigghhhhttt?
I'm sick of this despite
The meticulous truth that i shouldn't be alive
The fact i'm ready to go again tonight