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Jon Connor

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Look whos back with the cooper(?) style
Punchlines, hit em up now they got bruises
You a son of a bitch, so your dad wont flinch when he hear he gon lose his child
O no no, niggas aint talk that shit, now they woke me up, and their flow so wack
Gotta soak me up, they be talking that ho shit, thatll get a hoe beat up
Welcome to hell, i said it was gon heat up, my dirty mouth make me filthy rich, why the fuck would i want to clean up, im a star on the track, nigga beam me up
Who gon to bank this that im one of the greatest, how did these new niggas went from the hood straight to the a list and they tryin to play favorites, thats when they scared to play this
I am hip hop, and they cant take this, niggas cant take this, bitches shake from the top of their heads, to their anklets, back to their friendship bracelets
Im a artist, they ask why would i paint this, cuz i gotta show yall what pain is, been broke so long, goddamn can a nigga get to make em see
Talents been abandoned for so long, now we demand it, if you wish a nigga would, i will grant it
Im the motherfuckin dark knight on a pale horse, if the rap game try to sell short, wanna to see if i sell out? yall gon see me in hell first
Sick when i make hits, im derek jeter wit a fever, now them lights is flashin on me, warning, you might have a seizure
Im the feature presentation with the flow thats gon ease the nation, i am on the right track, yall wont even leave the station
Allow me to speed back up, yall gotta need to back up, me vs. yall that dont even add up, tell m*** he can dunk to speed back up (?? did not know what he was sayin here)
Seth, tell these niggas im not just a rapper, im a velocoraptor, thats about to bring the rapture, run a little faster, before you get captured
Oh lord, now i gotta send them home, sorry im in my zone, young prince in this bitch, like abalone, kiss the toe
Yall dont scare me so when they try to compare me, im a ex yall out, til i stress yall out, yall niggas hoes, and i do expose my flows make the roof fall out
So take it from me, my spot, you wont take it from me, a easy target for anyone aiming at me
Dont point the finger when niggas careers is deceased, i came in the game humble and all i wanted was peace

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