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Kirko Bangz

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I was thinking if you
Come over with your crew
Then i can just come and make this sh*t (might be wrong)
We can do whatever it do
Cause i know you
I mean i know me
Just trying to spend a little time with you
You should try chilling with me
Cause baby i got that key to your ignition
Nawh i ain't tripping
Nawh i ain't slipping
Nigga stay pimping
Nigga stay tripping
I ain't just stressing, nigga stay tripping
Cause i be testing
Cause i got money doe and all that sh*t
And i just want you all on my uhhh
I ain't gon' curse, hit her with the hurt
Put that pussy in a hearse
It's the nigga named kirk-o b-a-n-g
Put to the z, put your a** to sleep
Put that a** to sleep
Put that a** to sleep
Wont you take that pill
Put that a** to sleep
Cause a nigga kirko reppin' h town
Gotta throw up that e

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