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Lil Boosie

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(verse 1)
I know u hollin fuk me but lets fuk u to. and det instagatin nigga um gone touch u to. its just a matta of time fo i start dompin mi nine. fuckin wit the wrong nigga u must don mi dime. fuck it. hop in da bucket lets go find dez niggas. shoot off shots fa dey head tryna blind dez niggas dont let me catch on thet interstate, den its late. um gone see how many bullets yo renta take. you fuckin wit a young thug nigga who savage wit this. plus um mackin this shit and umma fool. if i catch u on det corner introduce u to mi tool. i paid my dues and boy um finna let u kno. u fuckin wit the click den u fuckin wit that fo fa sho. and its war time patna is ya ready fa dat. shoulda robbed but um waitin on yo feddi to stack.


If its fuk me nigga den its fukk u to. fuk ya mami, fuk ya daddy, fuk ya crew dats true.(x2)

(verse 2)

Yoon even kno how bad i will bus u up. pleaze cum across that so i can fuk u up. you wit all det mouthin off u done got me red hot. might as well take that vest off cuz um shootin head shots. front them hoez who let yo nuts hang. but mi fo fo gone make yo fukin guts hang bitch. u goin to urikay long if ya play wit wrong. ion give a fuk bout ya mama baby bein gone. its on muhdafukka iain slippin. cum strollin thru ya hood wit mi nine and that clippin.
And dem niggas dat be buckin wit u they gon get it 2 and if i get dem niggas first they gon get this shit fa u dts true. plus um sicka den u. i got mo bitches den u. and i can buy a murder charge since mi digits don grew. and lil boosie man he ain scared of shit and umma duck tape ya mama shoot off ya dick muthafukk u nigga.


****everybody gotta know det shee' love stubbz****
***um is liil stubbz***
**nicole love boody**dets liil thick right dere**
***and mi dog jaulacie and say***
***dets mrs. say round***

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