Paroles de F.e.a.r (face everything and rise)

Papa Roach

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The streets crawl with a deadly omen
Outside i see a world that's broken
Can't breathe, my heart is choking
I need a cure for this life i've chosen

My pain is a blessing in disguise
I feel it cutting, and its cutting like a knife

I will face everything and rise
Never gonna quit until i die
Angels keep falling from the sky
I take the broken wings and learn to fly
I will face everything and rise

The earth shakes and the city's burning
Blood feels like the tide is turning
Life hurts and there's no warning
Lightning strikes, my heart is storming

The rain is a blessing in disguise
The flood's coming and it's drowning all the lies

Throwing in the fire, i'll never be the same
I come alive when i am burning in the flames
I'm under fire, when i'm burning wide awake
My life feels empty when i am walking through the flames

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