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Deine Lakaien

pochette album Fight
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Date de parution : 05/04/1999

Durée : 0:05:35

Style : Pop

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Sometimes you try
Sometimes you win
But often failure is your king
So you feel safe and warm inside
You take your chance from time to time

I am here again
And i force the weak to fight
I am here again
And i won't leave you a light

You make them angry
Yes you are smooth
Your nails are painted and you cry
When you loose
But other people won't get asked
They just get kicked while others laugh

I am here again ...
(yes it is me again) ...

Don't have to tell
That it's a shame
A pope is praying and we are
Building frames
We're sharing sympathy for lords
And look aside while dead birds drop

I am here again ...

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