Paroles de Finger painting of the insane

Acid Bath

pochette album Finger painting of the insane
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Date de parution : 08/03/2005

Durée : 0:06:04

Style : Rock

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Turning the knife buried in your stomach i woke up
Alive black with stain glistening
And new the sunset's coming
Fingerpaintings of the insane come on and sterilize me
Kneel down and idolize me

Suck me
Fuck me
Resurrect me
Rut me
Cut me
And infect me
Slice me
Dice me
I wanna die

Screamin the thoughts of dead babies
Wiped away with my semen

Bleed me
Feed me
And inject me
Feel me,
Kill me
Then dissect me

The pigs will squeal their blood will drain
Finger paintings of the insane
Slice the throat of authority imagining infinity
Greasy smoke billows into the sky coach roach dreams,
The human dust of pain twitching
Screaming hide your razor face
Fingerpaintings of the insane
Bloody mountain momma rockabilly machine
Kiddy porn lover with a mouth for disease
Giddy'up honey my rubber fuck doll
When your candle's snuffed out
I'll burn brighter than before
Pink poinsttias for emotion that died
A chilling wargasm that feels like cyanide
Her pussy bleeds sunshine,
Rabid for flesh as each raindrop
Plunges to its death

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