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Waco Jesus

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Date de parution : 01/07/2009

Durée : 0:02:38

Style : Rock

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Smashing her torso her legs are contorted
The opening exposed crushing her pelvis
The labia torn
Fluids and blood provide lubrication
Fisting i penetrate her vagina i violate
Fuck it forcing my fist up into her cavity
Stretching it out beyond its capacity
Violating every orifice
Take it all you fucking bitch
Lick my sack
Suck my dick
Swallow my cum
Eat my shit
Erotic and grotesque
Sick and perverted
Flaccid to erect my cock is inserted
Her cunt deformed
Stimulated i can't climax
Her pulse fading
She defecates as i fuck her ass

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