Paroles de Flake-o (on my scalp-o)

Halo Friendlies

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Heard you were hangin' around
Heard you're askin' about me
Boy, i never thought i'd see your face again
Well let the sentiments fall where they may
'cause i'm too tired to cry or even care

If you would have been around
Then maybe i would be around
But i'll be ok
Yes, i'll be ok

I admit that at times it wasn't fair
The times you were alone 'cause i wasn't there
Do you remember all the times we had?
All i can recall was being sad

It's been two years since we were together
Sure, we had some good times
We shared a milkshake, we shared some fries
And i thought you weren't
Like all those other guys
You said you're coming over
It's a quarter after two
You know what you are?

You're just a flake-o on my scalp-o!

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