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Date de parution : 18/12/2012

Durée : 0:05:41

Style : Heavy Metal

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Look at me
I'll create you a dream
Reality escapes
Or so it may seem
But truth is only
What you believe
I'll give you faith
Without deceit

I'll make you forget
Your despisal and hatred
I'll give you my love
You'll keep it sacred
You must believe
My heart is made of gold
So will be yours
When the soul within is sold

Purple echoes
Screaming height
Fossilized thoughts
Second sight
Follow me into madness

Beyond the gates
We will need no sun
My work of salvation
Burns to be done
We'll share the power
I draw from my master
Coldness of stars
Spreading faster and faster

Unliving shadows
Breaking free
Those born again
Can be made to see
Follow me into madness

Come my child
There is beauty to be found
In the timeless crypts
There is no sky, no ground
In my mind
The road is straight and clear
Oh how wonderful
Is the feeling of fear

Open my veins
To satisfy your thirst
Have my flesh
Pure but accursed
Dying can be
Greatest ecstasy
Burning passion
For lengthened agony
Follow me into madness

Follow me into madness

Follow me into madness

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