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Freddie Foxxx

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Hey baby, my name is foxxx
Yeah, i see you standin' over there
In the corner lookin' all smooth

Short lil' cutie, hey, check this out
How 'bout we break the scene, you know?
Do it my way, comin' cool

You're listenin' while my baritone's flowin'
Smilin' at freddie foxxx, girl, because you're knowin'
We break the scene, it's a night of sheer ecstasy
Nobody's around, just you and me

The music is smooth and we don't have tension
Then we cuddle up when i whisper and mention
Baby, i think it's time that we did it
The smile that you have on your face shows you're with it

Then when we approach the bedroom, you stand there
Sexy as ever then let down your hair
You can't wait, the pressure builds up to shocks
You're about to be loved by the man freddie foxxx

Unpredictable attitudes can fill the air
But when you're in the mix with the foxxx, you don't care
Love goes on, might last forever
Dissatisfaction on your part, never

I take you deep, baby, you can't stand it
Pain is pleasure with the black love bandit
When it's over, hug you, kiss you and hold you
Things stay smooth just like i told you, forever

Forever and ever, yeah

Now, baby listen, now i'm your man and you're free
I send you love letters and you love what you read
I sing and serenade you with all my heart
Got a bond between us, baby, never tear us apart

Send you flowers everyday, got you diamonds and gold
We live together always till we grow old
Have dinner in bed, you don't have to cook
Got my butlers waitin' on you, hand and foot

I bought you minks and furs, a white cat that purrs
And two matching poodles named his and hers
We travel the world, goin' near and far
And i gave you the keys to your brand new car

Girl, you don't wanna drive, i buy you a plane
And on the side in black letters print your whole name
Give you love and sensitivity, disrespect never, forever

Forever and ever, yeah

Now my mental is active so i'm always thinkin'
Of ways to make it better so my love ain't shrinkin'
But you're used to it, you want more every day
You're startin' to ask me in a arrogant way

I never asked you for nothin', always give
But your head's gettin' real large like you live
Bein' real hateful and very ungrateful
Tryin' to disrespect the man that made your whole plate full

How you're livin', baby, i wanna ask you
Answer the question before i unmask you
Was it phoney? you knew i had dough so we did it
But now it's all done, foxxx just ain't with it

It's over, i get the house, you get rover
I keep the rolls and might buy you a nova
You devoted your love and your heart to my soul
And said that i was the man you always wanted to hold

Now you love me, you want me back, you want a change
All of a sudden, girl, you wanna rearrange
Is it because your bank's goin' down the drain?
Or you lost your diamond rings and fat gold chains

Stop cryin', i have no sympathy whatsoever
I don't want you forever

Forever and ever, yeah

Hey baby, when we started off everything was real smooth
But i treat you too good, that's what it was
Couldn't even go down the block
Unless you had the cops on my jock
You know i'm sayin'? hey look, i'm out

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