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Date de parution : 15/07/2003

Durée : 0:03:38

Style : Rock

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I know a thing or two about you. your bullshit attitude. you're fucking weak
And lemme tell you it shows right through. you don't know shit about me or my
Friends. what they are what i am. so cut the shit and try not to pretend. you're
Scared of who and what we are and so you question yourself. but your pride won't
Let you show your fear to anyone else. you don't know me. so don't judge me. you
Don't know you. you're too scared to. you think you know. why i'm here after all
These years. you want to know? well i'll tell you fucking why. go. for myself. for
My friends. for my family. forever. i'll take this to the bitter end. you don't
Know a single thing about me. just what my enemies say. well fuck them and fuck
You. that shit won't cut it today. be a fucking man and stand up to find the truth
In yourself. for yourself. by yourself and not from anyone else. you think you
Know. why i'm here after all these years. you want to know? well, i'll tell you
Fucking why, go. so now where are you? i'm still here, i'm still proud and i
Still know what it takes to be true. for myself. for my friends. for my family.
Straight fucking edge. forever

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