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Sigue Sigue Sputnik

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She's my silicone sensation
She's my secret transformation
My sex creation built to bid the cry
Frankenstein frankenstein
Beware of the imitation
All i want is easy action frankenstein
She's a soft-eyed cinderella
She's the beastie barbarella
Tell her she's a gift from frankenstein
* hey hey frankenstein
Hey hey frankenstein
Hey hey thank you frankenstein
And if i asked you
And if i asked you
Is she half as twice as nice as frankenstein
* repeat
Like a mona lisa
A sex changed amnesia
Scrooge, i wanna be my frankenstein
* repeat
Hey hey
** frankenstein frankenstein
God i wish that you were mine
The backstage never looked so so divine
** repeat
* repeat
Hey hey frankenstein
Hey hey frankenstein
Shoo, shake
And sending shivers down my spine
Hey hey frankenstein
What's waiting i haven't got the time

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