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Casey Jones

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You think you got me
But your minds too small
Threaten to drop me
But in not the one who'll fall
Lets raise out fists into the sky!
Yell some profanity!
Ill break your legs and crush your face!
Now les see you strut your shit!
You can have your boat ill be the fucking tidal wave!
You still can swim but theres no point!
Your marked with you watery grave!----


You took off more than you could chew------
So cutt your shit before our hitt!
Do you want to stay alive-----
So cutt your shit so you'll survive!
So stay alive------


To your demise you know the truth!
That she------ was bad------
You know and i know that its true-----
Yu know she spit right in your face!
Took your trust and played her games!
Before you get mad at me!
I cant have sex with just me-----
Ill give you time to ventalate!
Mabey then, when your head i straight!
Thats when the bell will toll its call!
Till then---------------
Its a fight for all!



Right hook!------------
Left flank!------------
Ill laugh while you feel!----


Free fight!-------- x4

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