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Broken Hope

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Date de parution : 18/04/1995

Durée : 0:04:31

Style : Rock

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Intensly gelid, shivering uncontrollably in a frozen hell,
As the meatlocker cold chills me to the core
Locked inside an icy room, among rows of hanging meat
Beef slabs on chrome metal hooks offer no warmth at all
My gooseflesh skin begins to cake with frost
Inhaling algid thinning air into my icy lungs
I scream for help, my breath turns to snow
No one hears me in these soundproof surroundings
As i pound my hands against glacial steel walls
My palm flesh instantly sticks to the frozen metal
The extreme freeze bonds me into the wall
I pull away, tearing off my skin in gruesome, panging strips
Now scorching, bloody pain in joined with the cold
This hurtful infridgate situation becomes inhumanly unbearable
I long for heat in any type of form
For flames i would give my soul
To be free of this frozen doom

It is my only concern, my wish, my hope
The deadly cold encloses and shrouds
As my desperate cries go unheard - go unheard
Fingers, toes, and limbs become rigidly numb
My blood slows to a cool, congealed flow
Inside this giant ice-chest, the cold nips and bites

The inclement conditions are no less than arctic
My entire body involuntarily curls as frostbite consumes
Frosty clumps of hair fall out and shatter to the floor
My scalp and face crack from the sub-arctic cold
Countless pieces of flesh brake off like broken eggshells
A plunging cold so brutal it actually burns
My lips, nose, and ears crackle, snap and bust
The digits on my hand - frozen
Skin turns dark blue
And purple as blood vessels chill
I bang my wintered arms together to induce circulation
My efforts split and fracture my frosted flesh, frozen into frigid claws
Blood streams from the cuts immediately turning to crimson rime

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