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The New Amsterdams

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Date de parution : 07/09/2004

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Alternative

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Uncommon amount of the time at home,
Hardly a word on the telephone.
Finally find the time to get to know you.
Still mapping it out like a master plan,
Something to do with my idle hands.
Write you a letter addressed from california.

It's vivid and strong in my memory,
An absence that smacks of abandoning.
It let to the battle that ultimately destroyed us.
I'm nothing if i don't know your mistakes,
The pill is as bitter as i can take.
It twists like a blade when i leave for california.

La da la la da da

I hope that you know this is killing me,
It's all in the name of the family.
We only can play the cards the dealer dealt us.
The end of the cycle is closing in,
With you i see new hope begin again.
There suddenly seems to be promise in california.

La da la la da da

As heavy as all this is weighing me,
Believe in the words i am promising.
I'm still here for her.

The distance is only an obstacle,
Hardly a match for a miracle.
I'm finally ready to go to california.

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