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Cave Nick

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Ah wanna tell ya 'bout a girl
You kno, she lives in apt. 29
Why... that's the one right up top a mine
Ah start to cry, ah start to cry
O ah hear her walkin
Walkin barefoot cross the floor-boards
All thru this lonesome night
And ah hear her crying too.
Hot-tears come leaking down
Splashing thru the cracks,
Down upon my face, ah catch'em in my mouth!
Walk'n'cry walk'n'cry-y!!!
From her to eternity!
From her to eternity!
From her to eternity!
Ah read her diary on her sheets
Scrutinizin every lil piece of dirt
Tore out a page'n'stufft it inside my shirt
Fled outa the window,
And shinning it down the vine
Outa her night-mare, and back into mine
Mine! o mine!
From her to eternity!
From her to eternity!
From her to eternity!
Cry! cry! cry!
She's wearing them bloo-stockens, ah bet!
And standin like this with my ear to the ceiling
Listen ah kno it must sound absurd
But ah can hear the most melancholy sound
Ah ever heard!
Walk'n'cry! kneel'n'cry-y!
From her to eternity!
From her to eternity!
O tell me why? why? why?
Why the ceiling still shakes?
Why the fixtures turn to serpants snakes?
This desire to possess her is a wound
And its naggin at me like a shrew
But, ah kno, that to possess her
Is, therefore, not to desire her.
O o o then ya kno, that lil girl would just have to go!
Go! go-o-o! from her to eternity!

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