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(ei 'yanhlanyisa)
(woo, woo)
(ei ei ha ha aha)
(lj lj, lernzy lernzy, chrispy know whasup?)
(it's dirty south nigga) uh uh yeah uh (ahhaa) check
Aha haa!
I take you to my planet then i wipe your fucken face no need for wipers,
Motherfuckers 11k is on the bank, and i overdose till i tell my bitch to come around,
Ljundisputed be the name, i drug all my hoes then i let them beg my shit,
The other day i got a text, and my ex is like shit nigga where you at?
And i'm like fuck it up, come into my crib then i fuck her up?
Take it to the other level without a drug, fuck her up,
Road to richies is on the mission taping out, suck it up,
And i'm out here nigga without no fucken hesitation,
Dirty south coming strong on these motherfucken pussy ass niggas,
I never do it for the purpose of the paper, neither for the fame, neither for the bitches but i got a lot of hoes in my city,
Burning white shit everyday i'm all shades,
Carrying sperds to the fucken sperm bank fuck it up,
Got my niggas ashes on the other side, fuck it up
Its dirty south motherfucker don't trip, we take you boys out,
Your girls on the queue, and i'm never getting screwed,
You busy claiming you the player. motherfucker i'm the coach,

I'm your motherfucken leader crown me mr. king kong you are my fist lines,
I'm paid to overdose like niggas in the studio,
Ets my wings on the floor, looking to the sky, can't fly take your fucken sister, for the scarifies,
Ljundisputed knocking niggas out,
This bitch is so sweet, motherfucker i'm evol
Jeeper's creeper to the strippers in the streets
23 years i'm coming back, you can't stop me,
Bring the scripture then i burn it up,
Now you bring the preacher i'ma fucken take his soul,
I'm so fucken sick, i'm so fucken ill, i'm so fucken crazy, fuck it up
Yeah road to riches
Nobody push ismokolo
Yeah ngubani odlula lekasi
Ngubani ovaya lekasi ethatha amacheri wenu mfana,
Ng'dlala ngestina bang'biz' ubuilder son
Cause ngi-creater ama flows ongeke uwa jampe
Wooo haa! i'm killing you hard
And i'm never hold it back i'm like 2 pac
Cause ng'drop' ama beat
2 pac any shit hard you feel it.
I got a six pack ucheri wakho uyincwanya daily
She wish to blush day and night
Fuck that i'm still playing with the lines
I'm like crazy, fuck i never put it to the flow
This is what i do
For life son i put my life on a line
To spit some you hate some
Fuck that i take you down and grind you now
You wanna burry shit? we make a funeral
Fuck days and night we living on a high life
Fuck that nigga living on a hustle life
You busy claiming by the girls that you always fuck,
I'm all about that, i'm all about cash never.
Fuck you can't hold me now
Tag me now take me for the fucken random,
That's the lame shit that you never going do
Aaah!!!predicator what fuck i'm the building
Lernz woo woo
This, this is what we do, this what we do,
We can blow you out (haaa yeah), blow you out
(what you saying nigga?)
And we know what to do, we blow you out
Blow you out
(yeah)tell 'em, tell 'em uh uh uh uh
Yeah (aaahaa) check...

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