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Wednesday 13

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Now i know it has been some days,
Since you and i spoke and went our seperate ways,
And the last words that we exchanged were,
Goodbye, fuck you and go the hell away

They say time heals all wounds
But if i see your face again it will be too soon
And i hope you know my heart is true,
When i say i want bad things to happen to you
(wrong song asshole)

Oh i've been thinking lately - fuck you
And ive been drinking baby so fuck you (x2)

Now let's get something straight
My feelings for you go beyond the laws of hate
Yeah the fact is you're not so great
And it wouldn't fuckin' hurt you to lose some weight

And even though time has passed,
I cant forget how much you were a pain in the ass
And where you go i hope you stay,
Cus i hate you fuckin' more than words can say


Don't fuck with me, and i wont fuck with you
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
A fuck for a fuck, and this fucks for you, yeah

Fuck everybody!

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