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Hello hi baby yeah i'm here in home
Everythin is gettin chilli
Whats up,baby yeah

I wouldnt change a single thing
Now u shouldnt be scared oh no no no
I bet u didnt think so bad
Its u im thinkin of oh yeah
U better care about
Come with me 4 fun in my buggy
Gotta get up, 2 get down
Wont u turn ur head on my way ya

(its goin 2 last)x2
We goin 4 ever (woh)x2
Ohh, let funk it up

Woh woh come we fun and dance the night
Were gonne have a good time, tonight
So many time it goes this way
Woh woh lets dance off tonight
U got to make me change my mind yeah
Just let in ur fantasy

Dont ever want 2 waste your time
Im not lookin 4 fast love oh no(oh no com'on baby)
Ure so really wanted baby (hey)
If u search 4 tenderness it isnt hard to find(com'on baby)
U better watch out come with me 4 fun in my buggy
Gotta get up, 2 get down
Maybe once or twice we make love (love)

Repeat b and chorus
Girl dont wont 2 change a single thing
Baby u know wat i need and u know wat i want
I bet u, better u didnt think it so bad
And i dont stop it no way god dem
U better check out now cos i'm number one
(come with me 4 fun in my buggy girl)x2
Better get up and get down 2 get the fun

(wuo wuo wuo wuo)yeah x2
Lets funk it up

Chorus +
Yeah i'll be there now now com'on
I just wanna have fun tonight,baby come'on
Just wanna touch ur budy,wanna feel the heaven

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